What is JointStrong?

JointStrong is an application that provides you with a fast and simple answer to your muscle and joint pain, all from the comfort of your home. JointStrong is a physical therapy technology that will give you specific movements and exercises customized and designed to help you alleviate your back, neck, arm or leg pain by asking you a few simple questions and performing a quick movement analysis. For those with more complex conditions, please see your primary care provider for guidance.

Your answer for muscle and joint pain is here…

Pick a body part that is bothering you, complete a guided self-assessment on JointStrong and answer a few simple questions about your symptoms. Then let JointStrong do the rest. Based on your answers, you will receive a personalized set of exercises to perform at home.

Commonly treated body regions:

Signing up is easy and it’s 100% free

How to Enroll?

  1. Go to to create an account.
  2. Click on the “Sign up” link.
  3. Enter the information as requested, create a password, and click sign-up.
  4. Follow directions from the application to enter into a new self-assessment.

The Hotel Funds and its Health Centers are not affiliated with JointStrong and any services other than the FREE self-care digital solution mentioned here that is purchased through JointStrong, such as coaching or telehealth physical therapy, is not covered by the Funds. If you notice any worsening of symptoms, please discontinue use of JointStrong and contact your primary care provider

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